How do I find out what the rules of USASA are?

A: Download the Rule Book

Will it hurt our chances if there are 20 riders in my age group?

A: We don’t think so.  If you look at the Rocky Mountain Series or the Intermountain Series, they are the two largest series in USASA. For each rider in an age group everyone that competes that day gets an extra 10 points for each rider.  If you have 20 riders that would put our 5th place rider higher than someone that has only 3 people in their age group.

What if “Suzy” is only 6 can I go into the corral with her for her competition?

A: No, we only allow certified officials into the corral during competitions as not to distract the riders preparing for their runs.  However there is usually an official in the corral that is more than happy to talk to them and make them less nervous, just let us know.  We are also working on having a coach in the corral this season for a small additional charge.

Do I have to compete in all of Big Mountain West’s USASA events to qualify for Nationals?

A: No, if Big Mountain West is your home series and you are trying to build points you can compete in events at other series.  If you are trying to get the first place spot in your division in a specific event you must have a minimum of 2 events in your home series to qualify for that.

How do I find out about other USASA events that I can compete in?

A: If you go to the main USASA website www.usasa.org and click on the Events tab, you can search by date, region, or event to find an outside series event.

Do I have to pay to be on the Big Mountain West USASA Team?

A: No absolutely not. We consider all of our members as part of the Big Mountain West USASA Team, we truly are an extended family.

Would Big Mountain West consider an event at my home mountain?

A: We would absolutely look into it.  If you have a contact at your home mountain to share with us let us know.  We work on our calendar in the summer and usually have it pretty set by August.

Does Big Mountain West USASA have a coaching program?

A: Yes, a very robust coaching program.  We offer gymnastics fusion training on Tuesdays, Private Competitive Coaching on Mon, Wed, & Thursdays, and Group Coaching on Friday Nights.  We have an extensive staff of coaches with strengths in numerous disciplines.

Can I volunteer and help you with competitions?

A: Absolutely!!  Find Kim and let her know you are interested in helping out.  We are always looking for helpers.

Do we have to use the Big Mountain West USASA Coaches?

A: No, but we feel that we have put together the greatest coaching staff by hand selecting our coaches.  We don’t just take anyone. A coach must be USASA Certified to be in our corral or in the corral at USASA Nationals.

I found this great instructor, can they coach little Johnny for his events?

A: Absolutely but they cannot be in the corral if they are not certified.  There is also a HUGE difference between an instructor and a competitive coach.  You will get the best guidance and knowledge from a competitive coach that knows what the judges are looking for and knows how to teach advanced tricks.

How much does an event cost?

A: $25 if you pay ahead of time online (this helps us to prepare for the weekends events), $30 in person registration, for fully paid USASA Members, and only $1 if you’ve never tried USASA before and that includes a trial membership to USASA good for one day (if you want to compete in 2-3 events for that day you would pay the additional cost for each event).

What is a Regional Series Champion?

A: It is a rider that has competed in a minimum of 2 home series events and has the highest amount of points locally with 3 home event scores.  That person gets the Regional Championship Bid to USASA Nationals for that age group in that specific discipline.

What events are for skiers and what events are for snowboarders?

A: Freeskiers: Half Pipe, Slopestyle, Rail Jams, SkierCross
Snowboarders: Slalom, Giant Slalom, BoarderCross, Rail Jams, Slopestyle, Half Pipe

Does Big Mountain West host events in all disciplines?

A: Yes we do.  We host events in all 6 different disciplines: Half Pipe, Slopestyle, BoarderCross/SkierCross, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Rail Jams

How many events are you allowed to host in one day?

A: We are allowed to host a maximum of 4 events per comp day with no more than 2 events in one discipline.  We usually host 2-3 events in a day.

How does my rider qualify for Nationals?

A: Your riders best 3 scores in a discipline qualify them into place for National Ranking for that specific discipline.  You need a minimum of 2 scores to have a National Ranking in a given discipline. Your 3 scores can be a combination of any of your event scores in that discipline at any series events and may include your score from the previous years nationals.

What is a DNF?

A: The Judges will stop judging and score a rider with a DNF when the competitor:
  • Removes both feet from the bindings his/her board/ski’s before passing the finish line
  • Exits the competition area prior to completing his/her run by crossing the finish line
  • Stops his or her run for more than 30 seconds


 A DNS stands for “Did Not Start”, meaning that when the riders name was called for their first run they did not start on the course at all.  When a rider gets a DNS they do not get points nor do their competitors.  It’s as if they were never in the competition at all.